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"Will you marry me?" This is the life-changing question that changes everything. Daddy's little girl goes home with a sparkle on her finger and an even bigger one in her eyes! But all of this soon fades when faced with the daunting task of organizing a wedding down to the very last detail...And who wants to be a tired, overworked bride / mother-of-the-bride / bridesmaid / friend? When you hear the little voice inside your head going:" There is no way I can handle all of this! It is all too much", remember that you can turn to the Royal Hotel and let us do everything for you!

The Royal Hotel has the information, knowledge, ideas and contacts to ensure an absolutely flawless day. Every person is different and your wedding should be something that projects your individuality. Every wedding is someone's fairy tale, and fairy tales only comes true through the details and hard work.

As your coordinators, we become your new best friend. Next to you, we'll be the people who care most about the outcome of the day as it is our name and reputation on the line. We have a passion for weddings and delivering the best possible service.

We are as involved as you want us to be, to ensure the best possible quality. Our integrity does not allow us to recommend sub-standard service providers and due to our extensive database, you are ensured of the best possible value for money. The Royal Hotel will be by your side every step of the way, assistance only a phone call or an email away.

At the Royal Hotel we go above and beyond the call of duty, exceeding the expectations of you and your guests. At the Royal Hotel, we are "Inspired by your dreams"

Surround yourselves with traditional elegance while we pay attention to detail so you can relax & concentrate on the most important day of your life. Our elegant venues are the ideal place for celebrating your special day.

Our professional team can handle anything from small, intimate weddings to large, lavish affairs, vow renewals, anniversary celebrations, and much more. Our experienced staff will offer plenty of options and suggestions for creating the perfect event.

Everything about this day, your day, should be just as you desire, filled with incandescent beauty and radiant romance. We are here to assist you, in every possible way, to fulfil your dreams, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

It takes an innovative catering staff to create enticing menus that appeal to every appetite and satisfy every occasion. This is precisely where The Royal Hotel excels —wedding reception that flow smoothly from the initial planning to the final farewell.

Such perfection demands careful coordination, originality, and an ability to anticipate the unexpected. Known for its outstanding service,The Royal Hotel provides an unmatched setting for a rich variety of special events

We make every bride and groom comfortable, relaxed and happy.

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