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Some 100 years ago thousands of men crossed this territory on foot, with no transport other than horses and horse drawn wagons, most were on foot.
Armies fought each other in bloody battles under difficult conditions.
Through it all, and through the 118 day siege of Ladysmith, the ROYAL HOTEL stayed 'open for business'.
Some of the famous personalities who have stayed at the Royal Hotel are Frank Rhodes, Leander Starr Jamieson, Melton Prior, and Dr. Stark who was fatally wounded by a Long Tom shell while standing in the Hotel doorway.
There is a great deal of history in the story of Ladysmith - an important rail junction, coaching stop for the mining magnates between Durban and Johannesburg, and supply town for the agricultural community.
Perhaps the most important and interesting part of this history is to be found in the superb Siege Museum at the Town Hall.