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The Royal Hotel is proud to announce the opening of our new Coffee Shop, Penelope's Coffee & Bistro. Come and enjoy great food in a cool, relaxing atmosphere and be spoit by our attentive waitrons.

Penelope’s Coffee & Bistro is a sanctuary for locals and visitors looking for a “home from home”.

We offer a casual dining experience to patrons in search of an intimate retreat or a casual meal. More than cuisine – it’s a way of life – taking time to savour a meal and enjoy the company of family and friends. We offer our loyal customers the chance to eat with friends, laugh & enjoy.

We have created something unique, but at the same time familiar and welcoming. The food is hearty and well-made, with the emphasis on flavour. Our aim is to keep our food simple, but delicious. The heart and soul of Penelope’s remains its menu – adapted seasonally – proving our love for fine produce and offering exceptional value. We aspire to bring new and exciting dishes on a regular basis and every week we offer a variety of items on the specials board. Simply put: Penelope’s Coffee & Bistro creates memories!

The menu is quirky and innovative with many competing flavours. All of the food has been deliberately prepared to provide complementary and unexpected flavours that work together to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Penelope’s distinct and slightly quirky personality is reflected in our food and drinks, which are presented in a variety of unique ways, from contemporary to rustic and even quirky.

The food is complimented and contrasted with our distinctive selection of cocktails, wines & craft beers.

We offer freshly baked delectable cakes and bakes, artisan breads and flaky butter croissants.

Also available is a selection of homemade pantry items, which include jams, preserves, pickles and many other interesting and unusual items.

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